About me

Hello. My name is Moein. I live in Seattle with my lovely wife, Sepideh, and I’m originally from a beautiful little town named Ramsar by the southern coast of the Caspian Sea in Iran. Living in the US as an Iranian has proven more challenging than a fresh-out-of-college hopeful me could imagine, but I try to focus on the natural and cultural beauties of both countries. It’s easy for me to see that as people we are a lot more alike than different, and I hope that understanding becomes more widespread in every aspect of our relationships.

Currently, I’m working on a party game in Gerdoo Games, a small studio I have started with my friend. Before that, I worked at Microsoft as a software engineer. Like many, I got obsessed with computers at a young age, and working for Microsoft became a childhood dream of mine. Not a small dream for a little boy from a modest family in Iran who could barely afford a PC, but I was fortunate enough to find out many years later that dreams are not there to come true, but to keep us going. They’re ideological cells of our mind that like biological cells of our body come to life, mature, serve their purpose, and die to open room for new ones.

These days, on a work day, you can usually find me converting carbs and caffeine to code. On other work days –since life is constant work– I improve my snowboarding on The Cascades, hang out with friends and family, play soccer, board games, video games, read books, hack small software projects or games, or write about random topics. Of course, that’s when I’m not on Youtube.

Here is me and my partner in life in one of the most beautiful places we’ve been to, the Big Island of Hawaii.


If you want to know about my professional background, here is my LinkedIn Profile

If you want to get publicly angry at me (the popular hobby of our times), tweet at @moeinpy

If you want to reach out to me, here is my email: moeinpy+blog [at] gmail [dot] com